Neotine® Questions and Answers

  1. Why should I take Neotine®?
  2. How does Neotine® work?
  3. Is Neotine® safe?
  4. Where has Neotine® been studied?
  5. How is Neotine® different than other creatine products?
  6. How can I buy Neotine®?
  7. How do I take Neotine®?

Q. Why should I take Neotine®?


Neotine® is a creatine-based nutritional supplement designed to support and improve the health and functioning of the brain. This medical-grade creatine formulation promotes neuronal cell health and survival by producing and maintaining high levels of the body's natural energy supply. Scientific research has shown that Neotine® is able to provide health benefits by combating energy deficiencies in the brain. It is ideal for those who want to take an ultra-pure , medical-grade creatine supplement as part of their nutritional regimen.

Neotine® is designed to:
  • Promote Proper Neuron Function in the Brain
  • Support Muscle Control and Motor Function
  • Improve Quality of Life

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Q. How does Neotine® work?

Neotine® assists in supporting and improving the health and functioning of the brain by supplementing the body's natural supply of creatine. In doing so, Neotine® enhances the production and delivery of optimal levels of energy to the brain and body.

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Q. Is Neotine® safe?

Yes. Neotine® has been demonstrated to be safe and well-tolerated by patients in numerous clinical studies conducted at some of the country's most prestigious research institutions.

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Q. Where has Neotine® been studied?


Avicena has spearheaded extensive research into the role that Neotine® plays in regulating the body's natural energy levels and how this can positively impact human health. Over the course of more than seven years, Avicena has teamed with a number of the country's most prestigious research institutions to study Neotine®. These include:

Johns Hopkins
University of North Carolina
The Mayo Clinic
The Cleveland Clinic
University of San Francisco
University of California, Los Angeles

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Q. How is Neotine® different than other creatine products?


Neotine® is differentiated from other creatine-based products in a number of critical areas including:

Neotine® contains 99.9%+ pure creatine. Furthermore, the product is absent of nearly all impurities that are currently found in other over-the-counter creatine products.

Neotine® is manufactured under strict good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and quality tested to assure stability and purity.

Established Bioavailability
Neotine® is the only creatine product that has been clinically shown to increase levels of creatine in the brain.

Clinical Advantages
Neotine® has been tested in numerous clinical trials demonstrating the product's potential ability to improve and maintain neuronal health by increasing the natural production of energy in the brain.

Convenience of Dosing
Neotine® is sold in single-serve sachets that allow for simple and convenient creatine supplementation. This provides individuals with significant dosing convenience and accuracy.

It is also important to note that when exposed to moisture (humidity), creatine breaks down to the by-product creatinine. This reduces the effectiveness of creatine and is a common problem with bulk containers of creatine powder. Sold in single-serve sachets, Neotine® is able to avoid this issue.

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Q. How can I buy Neotine®?

At this time, the Neotine online store is available to participants in our previous clinical trials. An existing customer account is required for purchase.

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Q. How do I take Neotine®?

Neotine® is packaged in single dose powdered drink sachets. You should take one Neotine® sachet daily. Simply place the contents in a glass and add four to six ounces of water or juice. Mix until dissolved and drink.

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